Free Credit Score

Free Credit Score

Credit scores can be confusing.  Virtually everyone has a credit score, but most people don’t know what their credit score is, or what constitutes a good credit score vs. a bad one.  In a nutshell, credit scores typically fall in a range between 350 and 850.  Credit scores above 700 are considered very good (the higher the better), while credit scores below 600 are generally viewed as pretty bad.  Credit scores between 600 and 700 are marginal, meaning you may still be able to be approved for credit, but it will likely cost you more than it would if you had a high credit score. So if your credit score is in this marginal range, you want it to be as close to 700 as possible.

So how can you find out what your credit score is?  Even better, how can you get your free credit score

You’ve probably seen lots of ads from companies offering to provide you with a free copy of your credit report, and your free credit score.  These services are a great way to get your free credit score.

But be aware that most will require you to enroll in a free trial of a credit monitoring service in order to receive your free credit score and free credit report.  If you don’t cancel your membership during the free trial period, you will be charged a monthly membership fee for the credit monitoring service. 

As a general rule, it’s worth the effort to get your free credit score. You may even decide to continue with the credit monitoring service after the free trial period ends, because it’s a good way of staying on top of your credit score and the activity in your credit report. 

My advice is to check out several of these “free credit score” offers online and read the fine print so you know how long the free trial lasts, and what the monthly fee will be if you decide to continue. As long as you understand up front how the process works, it’s a great way to get your free credit score.

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